Unmanned Aerial Verhicles and Unmanned Aircraft Systems

UAV & UAS Control




  • HD-Camera /SD Camera
  • Full HD
  • Live images
  • Stabilized and unstabilized multi sensor platforms
  • Separated head
  • SMPTE-274M
  • HD-SDI
  • Integrated image memory
  • Horizontal image mirror
  • Option low light level
  • Wide range of field of view
  • DRE/ACC histrogram streching with automatic function for contrast and brithness enhancement
  • Aviation qualified rugged design

Payload mounted Full HD

Payload HD-Camera, high definition live images for observation and recon missions on stabilized and unstabilized multisensor platforms with aviation qualified rugged design, split head electronics, SMPTE-274M (HD-SDI), integrated image memory and horizontal image mirror.


Flight Guidance &
Long Distance Observation

Cameras for flight control, flight guidance

recon mission and monitoring.

Skeldar UAV helicopter produced by
Saab Aeronautics





First Full HD Video with Kappa Aviation Camera, 2006.




DRE/ACC histrogram streching with automatic function for contrast and brightness enhancement





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