HORST: Camera measuring station with comprehensive data management

Efficient implementation of client-specific measurement concepts



Client-specific measurement concepts

The possibilities that usual measuring stations afford for measurement according to EMVA 1288 or ISO standards are too rigid for clients with highly specific requirements. With HORST, the Kappa camera measuring station for image sensors’ and cameras’ characterization, Kappa is taking an innovative approach. HORST offers more comprehensive and flexible possibilities for client-specific needs in executing and documenting tailored measurement concepts.


HORST can do more

HORST offers flexible measurements and analyses of parameters not covered by the EMVA standard. Measurement specifications can be defined specifically, thus meeting the needs of clients whose parameter definitions differ from the standard. With integrated camera control, connection to the device’s data bank and many extras like bar code scanning, HORST is the central instrument for integrating processes at all levels of the company.




Individual for every client and every camera

Within our own company, we automate a variety of processes with HORST, condense our cycles and optimize our documentation. Kappa clients profit from an equally comprehensive as well as specific measurement concept according to defined measurement standards. One service we offer is a product certification complete with comprehensive documentation of the individual values of each camera – in accordance with client standards, ISO standards, or Kappa norms.